My very popular cookery workshops are run in a fun, sociable, interactive and casual manner.
There are two options:

  1. Join a group of people for an afternoon of cooking, eating and drinking. (dates and details to be emailed via our newsletter or to be found on our website).
  2. Organize your own group, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 people. We can create a workshop according to your needs.

This is a very effective company team building exercise as people interact in a non-office environment in a relaxed atmosphere. Birthday, farewell and bachelor parties are also very popular.
My cookery workshops are often used as part of a tourist itinerary as a tour of our old city can also be included.
I also host various international journalists and television teams featuring Cyprus.

About the Workshops

​​​His book, ‘My Little Plates…’  emerged out of that intensity; his guests, who are symbolic of Cyprus’ cosmopolitan nature were becoming insistent in asking how to use the ingredients in his dishes and so the Little Plates Cookery Workshops were born. So naturally, there was a demand for the recipes to be put together in a concise manner.

Once you’ve allowed yourself to be seduced by the workshops, you’ll appreciate why the recipes work. They are simple, effective and overall quite impressive, because Roddy has understood that people simply don’t have the time to spend in a kitchen anymore. Whether it’s hosting a casual dinner party, an intimate evening for two or a group of friends, the food preparation should be the least of your worries.

The best part of the classes though has to be the end, when you sit with your fellow cooks and open a bottle of the wine and enjoy the food you have prepared.

​​The classes are run by Roddy himself who shows you how to pick and use the best ingredients, often taking you to the market to introduce you to the fine art of selection. The real fun starts when you start cooking though as you chop, simmer, sauté and giggle your way through the most fun you can have with food.

It is perhaps testimony to the many years he has spent feeding people, but as a teacher, Roddy is as much fun as he is a host. The first thing that comes to mind when participating in his workshops is that Roddy loves food, whether he is touching it, cooking or eating it and he very much infuses his students with the same intensity of that love.

7- Traditional Cypriot dinner party

Skordalia- garlic & lemon dip
Roasted & Pickled red peppers
Main course
- lamb kleftiko (slow baked until falls off the bone)
- lemon and herb roast potatoes
- baked aubergine

- galaktoboureko (milk tart with a blossom syrup)


8-Thai dinner party

Prawn tom yum soup
Thai meat balls with a fresh coriander dipping sauce

Main course:
- Sea bream baked in lemongrass, ginger, & chilli
- Stir fried vegetables

- Lychee and coconut soup


9- Five course dinner party

Seasonal amuse bouche
Oyster mushrooms with roquefort cheese and strawberry preserve
Fresh salmon fillet in oyster sauce, orange, ginger and seaweed
Buttered Asparagus, carrots & new potatoes with toasted sesame seed
Kataifi (shredded wheat) nests with marzipan


10- Five course dinner party

Seasonal amuse bouche
Scallops with caviar butter
Whole rare beef fillet
Roasted root vegetables in balsamic vinegar
Potatoes baked in fresh rosemary and cream
Light apple strudel in phyllo pastry in orange syrup


11- Five course dinner party

Seasonal amuse bouche
Chicken liver & fig pate
Aromatic seafood curry in coconut milk
Basmati rice with star anise
Green salad with raw mushroom and avocado
Crème brule



1- Mezze with a twist

Avocado and feta dip
Soufflé omelet with halloumi, lounza & cherry tomatoes
‘Kreatopita’ – phyllo pastry strudel with an aromatic mince filling served with a yoghurt dressing
Pickled calamari salad

Chocolate and coconut flutes

2-Mezze with a twist

Smoked salmon, prawn & caviar Dako (one of my favorites )
Mushrooms sautéed in commandaria & fresh rosemary
Pan fried halloumi in butter, mint &lemon juice
Chicken liver sautéed in Cypriot brandy, fresh herbs and chilli
Light, delicate version of the traditional Baklava


3-Mezze with a twist

Seasonal amuse bouche
Portobello mushroom dip
Kataifi (shredded wheat) & roquefort soufflé
Thai meatballs with a fresh coriander dipping sauce

Duck breast with shitake mushrooms & oyster sauce


4- Mezze with a twist

Smoked sardine dip
Prawns pan fried in garlic, chilli & olive oil
Seared foie gras with baby onions caramelized in Commandaria
Pork fillet medallion with baked apple and brie


5-Traditional Cypriot mezze

Smoked aubergine dip
Dako with fresh tomato, feta cheese, olive tapenade and hiromeri (all things Cypriot !)
Leak & feta pie in phyllo pastry
Loukaniko & bastourma sausage in a rich tomato & green pepper sauce

Pears in cinnamon syrup served with vanilla ice cream


6-Traditional Cypriot mezze

Wholewheat taramosalata
Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice and mince) my grandmothers recipe!
Gemista (stuffed vegetables) vegetarian & meat options
Octopus krassato (slow cooked in red wine, cinnamon & cloves)
Kolokithokeftedes (Courgette fritters)


Various Workshop Menu Options:

There are many reasons you should try the Little Plates Cookery Workshop.

One because it gives you a chance to see for yourself that local ingredients are still the best option.

Two because if you missed the culinary gene and want to learn how to make the fabulous dishes Roddy creates with such flair and pass them off as your own, then there is no better place.

And three, and perhaps the most enticing, is that taking part in one or many of Roddy’s workshops gives you the chance of spending time with one of Cyprus’ most celebrated gastronomic gurus.